A New Day

Hello Everyone;

Today is September 12th. After a heavy day of remembering and mourning the tragedies of September 11th 2001 we need to remember that today is a new day. We need to look at our losses with a new perspective. Today is a new day that allows us a fresh start.

World Trade Center Memorial- Photo taken by someone else. Thank you!

I feel that all of us that woke up today owe it to the ones that have fallen, passed on, or lost their lives to live today to the fullest of our abilities. Also I think that September 11, 2001’s heroes did not die for us to mourn or hate. They died because of hate which is why today the living must love even more. What do you think?

Here on Tune in 2 Life we are making September – Heroes Month. Be your own hero today. Do something for you. Fulfill one of your needs. Take time and invest in one of your dreams by taking the first or next step to reaching your own personal fulfillment. Envision being unstoppable and you will develop your unstoppable potential.


What do you say? Can you be your own hero today?

Keep tuned-in,

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