Action Hero

Hello Everyone;

We are not talking about figurines of Superman or the Bionic Woman, we are talking about you.

In the morning we wake up and turn on the news to find out what happened while we were asleep. We listen to the news reports of economic turmoil, political hate, civil unrest, natural disasters, and war. Our first actions must be reactions of despair, hate, and fear because every morning we wake to same stories.

I don’t know about you but I am tired of waking up to reports of this nature. I would much rather wake up to reports of economic abundance, people helping people during an emotional time, groups of people celebrating that we all share life and that life is our common bond.

Joan Baez said that “Action is the antidote to despair,” and we believe that she is right.

That is why during this month, the month that marked the deaths of so many in the US that we have decided to talk about heroes in every shape and form.

So my thought is this, we should use the news reports in two ways. One, news reports should be cause to think about what we want to see in our lives and in our world.  Second, they should authenticate our intellectual growth as humans. After all, through the hype and drama, the news is just reports of actions and reactions of what we as humans have created for the most part.

So I am proposing that we really look and listen to the reports of our collective actions and ask ourselves: “is this want I want to see in my life in my world?” As well as, “Are these reports something I can take pride in as a human being, or that validate my contribution to life?”

When the answers are “No!” then we need to fix how we are reacting. In order to really tune in 2 the life and world you want, you need to break the cycle. When you, me, all of us see these reports our reactions need to change to empathetic. It is though our compassion that we can tune in 2 the life and world we love. It is also through our compassion that we can tune in 2 our internal Action Hero.

Understanding is the key to the first step of Tuning-in. First, understand that what was a perceived truth yesterday does not have to be a perceived truth today, or tomorrow. In other words, things change, so don’t let yourself get stuck or bogged down in the despair.

Second, understand that these reports are not personal. Generally people do things in reaction to their emotions and passions therefore they are not being vindictive as much as they are reacting to a situation personally. Try to see their intended good intentions in order to gain some level of empathy. By the way empathy does not equal agreement; it is merely a stepping stone to understanding.

Third, understand that we can control our personal reactions. We have the choice to react with the same negative energy or we can change our perceptions so that we can respond with understanding.

Action is the key to the second step of Tuning-in. Now with our hearts full of understanding we can act in a more loving and compassionate way. Our responses will be altered because we took the time to gain some kind of insight to the situation. The short delay difference between reaction and response allows a deeper perspective to influence our action.

As a result, you will become an Action Hero, because you took the time to evaluate the situation and respond with love and compassion which promoted more love and compassion. Very heroic!

The heroes that we pointed out this month took the time to feel love before taking action. They did not react through hateful emotions. The heroes of September 11, 2001 did not react to the attacks with thoughts of doom & gloom. Nor did the heroes take precious time to save only those that shared their same belief systems. Instead they responded to the situation with thoughts of survival, their survival and the survival of others.

These are examples of what Action Heroes do; they focus on the real needs: survival, love, compassion, and they take actions that strive for achieving and fulfilling of those needs.

You, me, all of us, can use the news reports as a guide to tune in to the needs of ourselves, of our communities, and of the world. You, me, all of us can be Action Heroes for ourselves and for others.

If you are unhappy with the way things are then be an Action Hero and as Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the World.”

Tune-in to Your life,

What do you think about the notion of using the news as a global society barometer?

What topics would you like to see discussed here on Tune In 2 Life

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