Hello Everyone;

I have been thinking about my hesitation with taking action.

No really. I have some idea that gets me all fired-up and I want to take action. But many times I tell myself: I can’t, or I don’t have time, or some other excuse will stop me in my tracks. The worst part is that because I was so emotionally charged about the idea, that when these negative words stop me I disappoint myself.

It is like wanting and expecting that gift- that one special gift- and then not receiving it (whatever it is,) only worse, because I did not have to depend on an outside source for that gift only myself. I failed myself by not taking action or trying.

>>Have you felt this? Do you suffer from the same shameful inaction?

Well today I am making a pact. I promise myself  from here-on-out to make a better effort to stop ignoring my own ideas and passions.

If you suffer from the same problem then I challenge you to make the same pact.

I’m not saying that I will start making rash decisions, but I will try to stop over-thinking the negative “what if’s” and visualizing the positive “what if’s”.

What are your fears that stop you from achieving your goals?

How do you change your inactions into actions?


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