Building Your Environment

Building Your Environment


Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

We hope you took some time to think about how you create your own environment and maybe played around with a few things to make desired changes.

As you are designing your own environment it is helpful to remember the old adage: “you can choose your friends.” Part of building you environment is who you choose to spend your time with and who you bond with on a regular basis.

We all have friends that after spending time with them we feel more empowered and maybe even charged. We also have friends that seem to take our energies and leave us feeling drained. By Tuning In 2 how your friends make your feel, you can use this information to build your environment.

There are many great speakers out there that talk about “tribes.” We humans have been building tribes since the beginning of our existence. Tribes go beyond family they are the people we choose to surround ourselves with, like friends. Maybe they live in your neighborhoods, or shop at the same stores, or maybe they are people that simply hang-out in the same places you do, or all of the above. Also, we live in global and fulfilling time so we don’t just belong to one tribe we belong to many so don’t try to pigeon hole yourself into one group allow yourself tribe diversity.

Tribes are not simply created by filling out questioners, or by attending some kind of tribe-speed dating conference, although many tribes are formed at the conferences we attend. Rather tribes are formed by our actions, reactions, choices, desires, dreams, the list goes on and on, but the point is we attract people to us and us to them and that is how we come to be in the groups we are in.

So if you are living in a disempowered environment then you need to look at the tribes you belong to, evaluate how they work for you and how they do not. It could be that you need to change a tribe or two to live in an environment with a more empowering atmosphere.  Mind you we are not saying dump your drain friends, they need you and most likely you need them. Nor are we saying join a gang because you enjoy tagging. But, we are saying you can choose when to hang out with your drain friends; and, we are saying that if your current tribes are not empowering you at all then you can choose to find new tribes to hang with that will help you create and foster a more empowered environment.

Above all remember we change our tribes by changing ourselves. Everything we want comes from within ourselves. We Tune In 2 Life by Tuning In 2 ourselves.

You have to know who you are and where you want to go to find yourself 😉

Be unstoppable,



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