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Many times we overlook the heroes in our own communities. These heroes are people that live inside our particular community or perform a heroic acts for a specific community.

Today’s post is dedicated to heroes that live and/or do heroic acts for our communities. I believe we all are heroes. What makes us all different heroes are the extremes of our heroic acts and what those actions are.

We all live in communities that have first responders and sworn protectors such as police. These people of service are, or at least can be, community heroes that are there for us when we need them most. I am very grateful to those that are willing to risk their life to save and/or protect mine.

Yet, there are times when disasters intruded into our lives that require more heroes to jump into action. These are times when a community comes together, as survivors, to tend to their community’s needs. During these moments the list of heroes extends beyond first responders to: construction workers, teachers, librarians, teenagers, song writers, children, parents, the American Red Cross, tax payers, etc.

For example, after a tornado ripped through Joplin, MO the community started rebuilding and finding hope in other survivors. As can be seen in this video:

Everyone in this video and behind the creation of this video is a hero. As they are all heroically rebuilding their town: schools, hospitals, shops, etc and most importantly their lives.

To go a step further the songwriter/performer Justin Hines is a big hero in our minds. He is a survivor of Larsen Syndrome that has kept him sitting a wheelchair but not sitting still. Although he is not from Joplin he has made the world his community as he donates his time and talent to a variety of charities.

This video serves as a reminder that we are all survivors and that we all have a hero inside us. We all have something unique to offer, some talent, some perspective, something wonderful that can only come from us because of who we are. My perspective is mine and it has taken me a lifetime to develop. The same is true of you. When challenges come into our lives we become a hero by raising to the challenge with hearts full of compassion and understanding.

To use the words of Mahatma Gandhi how will you let the hero inside of you – help you “be the change you want to see in the world” today?

Tune in 2 your hero and your life,





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