Creating Your Environment

Creating Your Environment

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

We sometimes forget the secret to life, that is that we are all creators. As a result we sometimes forget that as creators we are creating our own environments all the time.

I know a lot of you are searching your memories for times that you can argue that last statement is false. But really, keep reading and hear me out.

Last week we talked about genetics vs environment. We discussed how we cannot control our genetics but we can control our environment. Genetics gave me brown eyes but I am in control of how I see the world. If I am happy then I live in a happy place; equally true, if I am sad I live in a sad place. If I am empowered it is because I have empowered myself. If I am disengaged it is because I have withdrawn myself.

Only I can define for myself what any of those things mean anyway. Only you can define for yourself what any of those things mean for you.  No one can say here this is what happiness, or empowerment, or detachment is for you.  Thus, you are creating your environment every day.

In fact I would guess that if anyone has tried to tell you what you were feeling you would feel a wronged inside. Right! Because it felt like they were putting: words in your mouth, emotions in your heart, and taking away your very power to create your own reaction. As creators we just won’t have it.

Yes sympathize, empathize, even identify with us but do not inject us with an environment, unless, of course, we want you to.

By creating our personal environments we have to have a certain amount of things self-defined. We have to be Tuned In 2 our Lives. We have to know what makes us feel happy, sad, empowered, disempowered, etc.

By knowing what make us feel a certain way we can create healthier environments for ourselves. For example, let’s stay that you are having one of those day we talked about earlier where all you seem to be doing is drawing attention to all of the things you do wrong. You are not living in a very healthy environment. But notice you are the one creating this environment. So change it.

Stop yourself and look through your creative eyes, no matter what their color is, and look for the things you have done right.

Maybe it is not you, maybe it is some outside source that is voicing unhappiness, and they are directing their frustration at you. Maybe they have been on you all day since the moment you arrived at the office, and now you are starting to let them effect your environment. Hey don’t let them rain on your parade. You’re a creator remember!

By being Tuned In 2 what completes us, at least to some degree, we can control and create our environments so that we are Tuned In 2 Life and living in an empowered environment.

Only we can take control of our environments completely, because we are the creators of our environment. Maybe it is heck of storm all around us but we can still keep the sun shining and destructive winds at bay, by just Tuning In 2 our desired environment.

Be unstoppable,

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