Empower Your Environment

Empower Your Environment

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

We hope you spent some time last week thinking about, the tribes you belong to and the groups you hang out with. You can use your tribes to help you empower your environment. When you are Tuned In 2 your personal weather report you will know when your environment is becoming polluted with negativity and dis-empowering thoughts. Be sensitive to your feelings and take a time-out, don’t just blow off the feeling. Make a date to hang out with someone that helps you feel empowered. Take action and participate in an activity one of your tribes is involved in.

Getting involved is great way to empower your environment when you are having a rainy day. It is also a great way to help other empower their environment when you are having a sunny day.

We all have rainy days; days when our brains seem to be on repeat and all they want to play are words of doubt, fear, and hopelessness. Don’t let the clouds cause your spirits to hang low. We need our rainy days they help us appreciate our sunny days and to give us reflection time so that we can grow the direction we want to. However, if we can’t allow ourselves to stay under that rain cloud, even mushrooms need the sun to grow.

Our sunny days; days when we feel unstoppable and our brains seem to be cheering us on all day long are fantastic, relish in them but use them too. Let the sun shine in to your soul so it fills you up for cloudy days. On days when you are feeling strong help someone else that is having a rainy day.

No matter what kind of day you are having: cloudy, rainy, mostly sunny, or sunny if you can help someone else you can empower your environment.  Maybe it is just taking time out to listen to a friend, or maybe it is donating your time and/or money to a cause you support. Whatever the case is, when you share your light with others the world becomes a brighter place.

If you were not Tuned In 2 Life and missed your emotional weather report use some of the the methods we talked about in other posts. Such as, you might take some time to read your favorite book or listen to your favorite song. We have created a page of music that lifts our spirits check it out. Tunes 2 Tune In 2

There are times in life, when tragic storms come out of nowhere without warning leaving us very little time to prepare. Tragic storms come to us in different forms from tornados to human violence.

It seems wrong to refer to last week’s tragic shooting in Aurora, CO as a stormy day, because the event was pure hell, and our hearts go out to all of those that violence was inflicted upon. The whole world feels your pain and we are all suffering with you, not to the same extreme, but we are all affected by acts of violence.

It may help you heal to remember the whole world is suffering the loss of life with you; you are not alone in this storm. We might not have known personally the people that were lost, but we have all been cheated out of them. We might not know the horrors that keep replaying in your head but we all have our horrors to face. None of us all alone, we have all stood in the eye of a personal storm. Although these words will not heal you we hope that they will comfort you on some level so that you can feel the sun lift your soul even in this dark time.

There are no easy answers as to how you regain/ or maintain an empowered environment during a time of such need.  However, the responsibility to find sunshine again still falls on you. I have found in my life in my hell storms it helps to focus on the moments I was able to share with that person rather than all the moments that have been stolen way by death. Today you might feel too raw, too angry, too sad, but the sooner you can focus on the sun filled days you did share the faster light can fill your soul and the stronger you will be to get through this dark time.

The faster you recover the faster I recover and the faster the world with heal. The stronger you are the stronger I will be and the stronger our world will be. The sooner we live in an empowered environment, the faster we can live Tune In 2 Life.

Help out your Tune In 2 Life tribe. How do you empower you environment? How do you maintain an empowered environment?  What tips do recommend to help the victims of Aurora Colorado?

Be unstoppable,

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