Empowerment Through Life’s Hurdles

We all have worth and we all have a purpose. Situations arise in our lives and change how we envisioned achieving personal fulfillments. This is your bag of tricks; it is up to you as to how you carry the bag and how to use the bag’s tricks. To live our authentic lives we must use the weight of the bag and the tricks to find our way over hurdles and walls, as well as our passage through locked doors.

We all have our bags. Living in a society full of bag carriers, bulling and mistreatment are elements that litter our path. The people that use the tricks, bulling and violence, are playing the role of victim, blaming others for their load of life’s tricks. They direct their anger at others that act differently, love differently, and live differently. It is vital that you recognize that the bullies are using their bag of tricks their way and their actions are not reflections on who you are and what your potential is. They simply have not figured out how to empower themselves with their bag of tricks.

The bag and path is yours but with every heavy step you take, you are leaving a trail for someone else that carries a similar bag.We tend to refer to these path carvers as mentors, heroes, idols, etc.

The follow is an inspiring video of fantastic mentor Mr. Tyrone Flowers. His bag may differ from yours but I am sure that you can find enough common ground with Flowers to learn a way for youself to use your own bag of life’s tricks to empower yourself more.


Be unstoppable,

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