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We started this month talking about making a list of desired experiences rather than make resolutions. Then we skipped right into talking about failures.

There was reasoning behind our madness. The reason…most actions come with obstacles, setbacks, and sometimes flat out roadblocks and if we are not careful these upsets are viewed as personal failures.

You see it is not that we think you will fail on achieving your desired experiences, we just want to arm you with the advantage of perception. We want to enable you to the ability to see setbacks as elements of success and not as signs of failure.

It is a new year and many people around the world are making goals and resolutions to make their 2012 better. But when they hit the same potholes they always hit they lose the air out of their tires and stop, and stopping is failure. (Just to drive this home “stopping” is the failure not the “person”). Our hope for you and all of us is that we see the pothole as a bump in the road not a black hole where our ambitions and dreams get lost forever; or at least lost until next year when we try again.

So now we have cleared up let’s move on…

In order to create your 2012 desired experiences list you had to Tune In 2 your dreams and aspirations. But to make them realities you have Tune In 2  a plan of some sort. We are calling this Year Mapping. After this month you have 11 months, 334 days, and roughly 4008 hours to live your choosen experiences. The sooner you get started the sooner you get to start experiencing your aspirations.

Pull out your desired expirations list. Have you already been able to check some things off? If so do strike though them now but so you can still see them. Now, as for the rest of your list…

For those of you that are sequentially/linearly thinkers, we recommend creating a new list ordering your experiences. For example: what needs to happen first? or what is the most important for you to achieve? Go with your preferred of structure and order, but have fun with this. After all this is your life we are talking about have some fun with it don’t treat it like a job or something you have to do.

For those of us that are global/strategic thinkers, we would recommend keeping your whole list visible so that each day you can look at your list and strategically plan your day. You may feel more of a pull to work on a certain project on day and a completely different project the next. Go with your flow. You may find that you want to see one project through before you start on the next. You might also find that you can nibble on two or three projects during one certain day.

No matter what kind of thinker you are, remember that you may have a day or two that you just can’t get to your list. That is alright many times living life interrupts the flow of living life. Do not reprimand yourself. If you let a couple of days slide or if you skive-off a bit just get back on track when you can; and know that the sooner you do, the sooner you can live a fuller life by experiencing all of the things you want to experience.

Relish in the fact that this new year is your gift from the universe, from life. Only you can design you and your life so get with it. Make this year awesome with the knowledge that this is just the beginning to an even better 2013. Because the closer you get to your desired experiences this year, the further your desired experiences can take you next year.

What kind of thinker are you? Linear or Global? Or something else? Please get the discussion started below in comments or on our Facebook page. Thank you

Tune In 2 your Life and make it the best yet.

Stay Tuned In,

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