Finance Friday: 3 Smartphone Apps That Save

Finance Friday: 3 Smartphone Apps That Can Save You Money Now

Are you interested in learning about smartphone apps that can save you money? Keep reading because today we will share 3 great smart phone apps that you can use year round to help you save money!

1. Shop Savvy

This app sounds fantastic. You are out and find the perfect gift for someone on your list. Using the Shop Savvy App, you can scan the bar code and see if another store in the area has a better deal. How awesome is that?  We are always wondering if the great deal at store #1 is really that great…. Now we will know for sure.

What’s more, the app will also tell you if the store you are currently shopping at will do a price match so you still buy the item from them or if not, you can purchase the item with your phone and have it shipped to your door.

Here is a short Video that explains how it all works:

This app is number one on my list this year! Check it out here:

2. Price Check

We love shopping at We have purchased books, text books, all sorts of gifts and even diapers from the online retail giant. Frequently when shopping around town we have thought that we found a great book or gift and wondered how much this would be at Amazon.

Here is an app that will tell you that. Not only the price direct from but also the prices from the other merchants that Amazon supports.

Here is a short video that shows how easy it is to use:

The video shows the Amazon Iphone App, but it also available for Android or Google phone as well.


This is an app will find you the lowest price gasoline in your area and can be used when you are on a trip as well (nice feature that we did not even think about). Very easy to use, and you can earn points by reporting gas prices as you see them.

As you can see, this app is also very easy to use. Check it out here:

This is what we love technology, right? Just think how neat it would be to check out prices in nearby stores and on the web from your phone. WOW!

Tune In 2 Your Finances

Tuning in 2 Your Finance is about making conscious, informed decisions and spending your money just the way you want to ~ on the stuff you want to, and knowing how your decisions will affect your budget and overall financial picture. (verses spending money in the Financial Fog and only realizing the true costs after the Fog has cleared….)

These three apps and your smart phone together can work with you while you shop to keep your expenses as low as possible and still get the items you are searching for. A win-win we say 🙂

Have you tried these Apps? Which are your favorite? Share below or on Facebook! ~Thanks!

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