Finance Friday: How To Save Money When You Eat Out

Finance Friday: How to Save Money When You Eat Out

Do you find yourself caught in the “so busy we have to eat out trap?” and wonder how you can save a bit of money each time you are in a restaurant? Keep reading as today in Finance Friday we will share 5 tips to help you save money when you are eating out.

1. Share A Dinner

There are two ways that we share a dinner when we go out to eat. We sometimes order two salads and then split a main dish, or one of us will get a main dish, and the other will order a salad and we switch half way through the meal.  Either way you choose to work this plan, you will be sharing the cost of the more expensive part of the meal.

2. Plan For Leftovers

If you like to eat at a restaurant that has reasonably priced and larger portion meals, then plan to have those leftovers for dinner at home later in the week. Then for the second meal, simply add some salad and bread to round out your leftovers.  To make sure that you have enough for the second meal, plan ahead and push to the side of your plate what you want to take home later, or ask your server for a to-go box at the beginning of the meal.

3. Order Breakfast for Dinner

Check and see if your restaurant has breakfast all day and enjoy your favorite breakfast item for dinner instead. We both love to have eggs and toast or an omelet as a dinner item. Frequently when egg items are served for dinner, they include more gourmet flavors such as sun- dried tomatoes and goat cheese, stuff that you might not enjoy early in the morning anyway.

4. Drink Your Water

OK who really gets enough water during the day anyway?? So when you eat out, here is your chance! No seriously, avoiding all the wonderful drinks on the menu, especially the alcoholic ones that are really marked up by restaurants and just enjoy your water. If this is the only tip you try, you will soon see that drinking water is a fantastic way to save when you eat out.

5. Don’t Do Dessert

Have you see the prices for a restaurant dessert these days… yikes! Why not stop at the grocery store on the way home and check out the selection in the bakery or in the freezer area? You could purchase a whole pie and can of whipping cream and enjoy dessert when you get home. At the very least, grab a carton of your favorite ice cream and get the exact flavor that you like and enjoy the savings.

Naturally if the reason you are eating out is to celebrate a special occasion, birthday or anniversary then go all out! But if you are caught eating out because you are running late, running errands, or just simply did not plan ahead and are stuck, then see if one or more of these ideas will help you save on your bill, and still allow you to enjoy a nice meal without breaking the bank

What are your favorite tips to keep your restaurant bills lower? Share below in the comments or on Facebook! ~Thanks!

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