Finance Friday: Save On Gifts

Finance Friday: Save On Gifts

Are you looking for some ways to save on gifts and still give what is on their list? OR do you have a number of folks on your list that you need a nice gift for, but not a specific item? Well, there are a number of places to save as well as some creative gift giving ideas to help you save money (and your sanity) and still have some nice items for your friends and family this year. Here are 5 Ways to save on gifts this year:

1. Buy Online & Save

If you are looking for a great deal on a specific item this year, check out these well-know stores such as ebay, or for great bargains and reasonable shipping times so you can still get your gifts in time.  Another bonus is that you can do your shopping from home at anytime, which makes it super convenient (no long lines or parking hassle)

2. Create Coupons to Be Used During the Year

I personally love these kinds of gifts. You could create a coupon for snow shoveling, babysitting,  and even some tasty foods too. What about creating a coupon for a dozen muffins or pan of your famous chicken enchilada casserole?  If nothing else, it will spread out the costs of your gifts over the year, instead of all in one month and will spread the season further too.

3. Local Classified Ads

Here I am thinking about Craigslist or Freecycle as a place to find gifts for the whole family. I have to include a warning to be careful here for scammers, but I also know plenty of folks who shop craigslist for everything from new dining room furniture to Dyson vacuums, jobs and more. Check it out sometime and just see what is out there.

4. Swap Your Stuff

What about a White Elephant swap at work or with friends? Each person or family brings an item to swap (something you want to re-gift from last year?) and then everyone goes away with something “new” This would work out great for a toy swap as well. Each person brings a gently used toy and goes home with a “new” toy.

5. Create an Experience

Why not try something unusual this year and create an experience that you can share with someone? For example, you could get tickets to the local Zoo and include a coupon for a created-by –you packed lunch or snack. Want to do something special over the school holiday break? Why not create a huge indoor tent using sheets, chairs and a table.  You could read stories and enjoy snacks together in the tent and make a day that everyone will remember. For adults, I am thinking along the same lines but perhaps a picnic in the living with candles, a warm fire and nice music?

These are just a few ideas to get you started saving money on your gifts and avoiding all that last minute stress (and possible overspending).

What are you doing this year to save money on gift giving? Share what is working best for you in the comments below or on Facebook! ~THANKS!


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