Finance Friday: Tune In 2 Your Money

Are Finances a challenge for you? Then Check it out: Tune In 2 Life  has a new series: Financial Friday!

It is Black Friday here in the US…one of the busiest shopping days of the year.  Many of the stores have been open since Midnight on Thanksgiving, and shoppers lining up for hours beforehand hoping to save save save! When you see these folks on TV I wonder how many are getting great deals and how many others are just shopping because they think they “should” or want to shop just “because” without any regard to a budget or spending plan.

This brings us to telling you about our new series here at Tune In 2 Life: Finance Friday. Another area of life that many of us do not seem to be happy/ satisfied with is our Financial Situations.  Let’s be honest, we all would like more money right? But is happiness really tied to more money? What about the money you have right now, today in your life?

When would now be the right time to get a handle on managing your money, understand where it is all going, and stop letting your money manage you?

Think about that for a minute. If you are having trouble managing your money now, how will the addition of another $100, $1000 or more each month help the situation? How will you spend this money differently?

Tune In 2 Your Finances

So let’s stop this madness and once and for all get in touch with our money. I mean really understand what is happening in your bank account & credit cards,  how much money do you really have, how much are you really spending, and most importantly what are the decisions that you are making (keep you on, or take you off your financial flight plan.) on the ways to spend your money.

We will be sharing what is working for us, as well as other great ideas  that we come across from other financial books, magazines and websites

We too used to think that winning the lottery would make our lives just perfect!  If we only had more…. And then we started to read a lot of different Financial Planning Books (don’t worry you don’t have too,  I will share some juicy insights here…) and learned that we had a LOT more money than we originally thought….  What we were doing was letting a lot of our money slip thought our fingers each month….. Spending what we had on stuff that that we really did not need.  (I will share ideas on how to stop money leaks as well). Those impulse items really added up each week….

We all are going to have a lot of money to handle in the course of our lives….. A lot. Why not really understand how it works so that we can have it work for us?

For example…

Say you earn $15 an hour at your current job. Think that is not a lot?? You make about $600 a week, which totals $31,200 a year.  OK not too bad… here is the kicker.. After working for 40 years, you (without a raise on this amount) will have earned a total of 1, 248,000 dollars!

A Million Dollars over the course of your working life!

Now that is a LOT of money when you think about it.

So let’s work together and stop wishing that we have more cash and just spending randomly, instead let’s focus and take action on what money we do have, so we can practice for the day we will have a LOT more money to spend, save and invest.

Think of this as the practice for when we become Millionaires, right?

This is just our opinion but we really do have a LOT more money than we think… there are secrets and systems to get you thinking about your money in helpful, positive ways and keeping more of your money each week than spending it… We are hoping that by sharing some of the financial ideas here on Tune In, we can help others get a grip on their money too.

So Tune In 2 Financial  Friday and let’s Tune In 2  Our Finances Together!

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