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Financial Friday: Free Financial Calculators

Here is a great (21 Century) way to keep tabs on your finances: Online Financial Calculators!

I will admit that I have not always enjoyed using financial calculators. I used to not see the beauty of running the numbers like I do now…

OK it sounds completely geeky but… this is how I got hooked on financial calculators. When I bought my first house I found a really rustic Excel spreadsheet that would let me type in all kinds of figures and then click and see the results. WOW! So I tried adding different amounts to the monthly payments and seeing how fast I could pay off the mortgage.

Today I want to share 3 great websites that have a great selection of financial calculators. Take a credit card calculator. You will be able input all your information (minimum payment, interest rate etc…) and see how long it will take you to pay off the balance. Now add $5.00 to the monthly payment and see the results. Now add $10.  Nice!

Are you hooked? I just love to watch how adding an extra $10 can lower your payments.

So here are 3 websites that have great calculators that you can try:


There are a huge range of free calculators on this website. Debt Calculators, Mortgage, Loans, etc.. They even have budget tools too.



On this site, you set up your profile and track all of your financial accounts all on this site for free.


Dave Ramsey

Dave is known as a financial guru and rightly so. He has a number of great books to help you get a handle on your finances, a website and lots more. His website has an incredible amount of free calculators that you can use, and even financial communities and forums to join. My advice: check out one of his books at your local public library first, and then when you know that you like his style, dive in to all he has to offer.


Tune In 2 Your Finances: Get Calculating


Numbers don’t lie; you have heard that before, right? So here is when you can really “see” the numbers in your life. You can also add or subtract amounts of money to watch your accounts shrink faster and faster! You can also see how much interest you will or won’t pay over the years (that is the part I love the most).


So give these calculators a try and see how powerful it is to watch the amounts shrink and shrink over the months.


Share which calculator you like the best below or on Facebook~ Thanks!!

Stay Tuned In 2,

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