Genetics and Environment

Genetics and Environment

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

I want to share a personal story with you about genetics and environment.

This weekend Kristin’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. We worked  on  an array of activities to make the official night as special as we could possibly could. I think we accomplished our goals. We and the couple focused on memories and the path that had been taken to get them exactly where they are today. This put us all in a very reflective mood. At one point while I was cleaning up, Kristin’s father came in to talk with me and started talking about genetics and environment. At first I thought this was a very odd conversation topic and then I realized that it was very fitting. He said “you know you are born with your genetics and that is fine but there is very little you can do about that; whereas you can control your environment.”

My first thought was he was talking about me, but I quickly realized he was talk about himself, (well, all of us really). It is true there are some factors about ourselves we cannot change. But there are elements that we can change and our environment is a big one. In fact, the ability to change our environment is a very important element to living Tuned In 2 Life.

Sometimes we change our environment and take a long weekend or go on holiday. By taking a break and changing our environment we give ourselves a chance to recharge, gain a new perspective, and experience something new. But we also get to live a life in an environment that that we choose. This may be physical change of address, and/or it could mean stepping out of some preconceived ideas of destiny due to our genetics.

This is not so far off of our talk last month, when discussed self-talk and how important it is to speak in an empowering manner to ourselves and even using words that will empower us rather than promote negative self-talk. However, this month we are taking the conversation a bit further as now through empowering our self-talk we were able to change our mental environment.

What are your thoughts? Is our environment more important than our genetics when it comes to living a full life?

Be unstoppable,

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