Gifts: Life

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

This month we have been talking about gifts and gift giving. The discussion of gifts cannot be complete without talking about the greatest gift of all…life.

Those of us that have lost someone close and even not so close to us, know that life is the most precious gift we can receive. Memories stem from life not death. Laugher only comes through the living. Life can be given, shared, and yes taken away. We mourn its loss, we celebrate its birth.

One religion cannot claim the value of life for its own, we all share in the glory of life.

The gift of life may be taken away intentionally or unintentionally. The unintentionally we cannot control. Maybe illness took the last breath, maybe an accident did. Sometimes we lose our control over life.

So how do we Tune In 2 the gift of Life?

The answer, I think, is simple but sometimes hard to live. It is to place value in life, not the situation. Place value in life, not the situation.

The situation… your child is Queer. They are a living soul that needs nurturing and love just like everyone else.

The situation… your daughter had sex with the boy she went out with and now she is pregnant. She is a living soul that needs your guidance/love/and understanding. Chances are she is really scared, just like everyone else in this world.

The situation…the need or desire for (more) oil, land, greed, power, religion, purity, etc…War will not solve any of these desires long term. But it will place more value on them then on the lives that fight and are lost for them.

Instead of placing the emphasis on the situation, Tune In 2 Life, and place value in life first.

It is hard to celebrate a birth, of one Child, when we struggle to value the lives of  the rest of us. Life is a gift our creator gave us. Any child wants to please their parent, we want to please our creator. To love everyone is what our creator expect from us, so the “task” is not impossible or we would not have been expected too.

Appreciation of life is the key to our happiness, our fulfillment, and gratitude. Each day we wake we should be grateful for life in all of its wonder and diversity.

The value of life, is what the 25th of December could be about, and any other day too for that matter. Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Pagan, and Atheist it doesn’t matter which philosophy you claim. Life is of value. And that includes yours. Exist, breath, and relish in the gift so precious and powerful it is called life.  Delight in the fact that it resides within us, around us, and in the diverse energies that surround us.

To wrap-up I want to leave you with a video that drives home how valuable every life is:

How do you celebrate life? How do you honor your life? What do you think is the greatest gift that life offers? Please share your answers with us here or on our Facebook page.

Stay Tuned In 2 Life,

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