Gifts: Love, & Understanding

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

Kristin and I have been talking about all of the ways to give and what constitutes as a gift.

We think that gifts can be as small as just smiling or saying hello to people that we come across, especially those that look like they might be having a bad day.

But it really got us thinking about gifts in general, store bought or not.  And especially gifts that offer some kind of value to the receiver and how different the values can be. Naturally this led into a discussion about choices, choosing when to give, what to give, and how to receive the gift.

Then we heard this story on NPR about two men that when faced with a certain situation they each made different choices. The story is good and vital to the discussion we will be hosting here on Tune In 2 Life this month so please take a minute and listen to it here:

Wasn’t that a great story? The part that I liked about it was the solution. To me the “would be victim”  chose not to be a victim at all. Rather he, Julio Diaz, chose to hold on to his power while trying to empower his attacker at the same time. It seems to me that Diaz chose to see his attacker as the real victim which contributed to the positive outcome of this story.

However Diaz was not the only hero in the story. The attacker also played a vital role in this outcome. I don’t think the attacker’s heart was really into the robbery he was about to commit.  The desperation the attacker chose to act on, quickly became an action of gratitude. He could have hurt Diaz, but instead he chose to receive the honest compassion of Diaz as a gift. He came to trust in humanity, for at least that moment, to get a meal and give up his knife. I would like to think that the attacker gave up his desperation in exchange for hope.

I would say that the attacker and Diaz both had hope, a hope for something more. Hope may be too weak of a word or emotion to credit with this outcome. However, understanding and love are strong enough to describe the power of this story’s outcome.

If we follow Diaz’s train of thought (as he was a Social Worker) he had an understanding that the attacker was acting out of desperation not hate. This understanding helped Diaz respond with more love then fear, prompting him offered the other man his coat that night.

This response shifted the whole situation.

You don’t really need me to break it down, or over analyze the situation. The point is that we could all respond to each other with more understanding and love rather than fear. For some December is all about Christmas, for others it is just a gift giving holiday. Either way it is generally about getting things but it is also about giving things.

After all there is a lot of giving happening around the world. Diaz is a good example.  Diaz gave his attacker the gift of understanding and love. Loving each other does not mean we all need to sit around camp fires singing “Kumbaya My Lord,” it simply means we have to love each other enough to give each other the gift of understanding.

Diaz put himself in the other man’s shoes, and loved humanity enough to go one step further. The other man gave Diaz the gift of accepting his gift. Even we the listeners of the story have been give a gift by just hearing the story. Because of this the world is a better place to live in.

What is a gift that someone gave you when you needed it most?Or do you have a story like Diaz’s of when you had the opportunity to help someone, or give them the gift of understanding. If you like, please share your story in the comments below or on Facebook!

Thank you for reading.

Stay Tuned In 2 Life,

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