Gifts: Money & Diamonds

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

Life does seem to be about giving. Our parents gave us life. Our friends give us reasons to care. Children give us a reason to love more. This list can go on and on, and change from person to person. However, giving the emotional and spiritual treasures of life can also be translated into the materialistic treasures like money and even diamonds.

This time of year there are many pleas going out asking us all to give more life, more concern, and more love. There are many ways to give and easily. The Salvation Army is one group that is always out there asking for help and the “Bell Ringers” are a Holiday icon. Many of us can’t help placing the change in our pockets into their red kettles.

Many of us feel we can give a few dollars or so. Others like to shake things up a bit. Inside the buckets people have placed silver coins, gold coins (Krugerrands), and even diamond rings. Every year some new surprise will show up in one of the Salvation Army’s red kettles. There is almost a giving competition out there. In our minds, giving is good have fun doing it.

In fact we wanted to share a recent kettle story that happened here:

Many of us know that Kansas City had their own Secret Santa his identity only revealed upon his death. Since then many others have pick up the giving baton and carried on the spirit of giving.

We hope to build a name for ourselves someday by doing something big every year. Until then we keep trying to make a difference in our own humble way. We hope that you do too.

Keep in mind that being Tuned In 2 giving does not have to break the bank.  You do not have to martyr yourself, like Shel Silverstein The Giving Tree. (If you do not know the Silverstein’s story, click on the video below but grab a box of tissues first). Simple gifts of love, time, understanding, and friendship could be all someone needs at that moment.

The Giving Tree:

What are some of the giving stories in your neighborhoods? Share them with us either below in the comments or on our Facebook Page.

Stay Tuned In 2 Life and giving,

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