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Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

Money, it is worth rethinking.

Far too often we hear things like “money is root of all evil,” or “only greedy people or thieves have money,” and my personal favorite “money does not grow on trees.” What if all of these were lies or at least not completely false?

Well I think they are. “Money is not the root of all evil.” In fact money can be used to do lots of good things just ask any philanthropist, or any one that has been helped by a philanthropist.  For example what about this epidemic that went around of  “Layaway Santas!”

What is so evil about that? What is so greedy about that? And I bet the recipients feel like the money tree just shook some bills loose for them.

Mind you this is only one example. Money is used everyday to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Let’s Tune In 2 Life and be honest with ourselves…money has plenty of power but none at the same time. Money does not manage or spend itself. It takes us – human beings – to decide what to do with our money. So let’s not pretend that we have no control over money. Money is not “The Ring” around our necks making us do selfish or even evil things.

Nor do I understand why we would want to give so much power to an inadament object that it would render us soul-less. Where is the power in being money’s victim?

I think Tuning In 2 Life and our power over our money (no matter how much we have) is a very valuable gift that we can give our selves and others.

So I say let’s Tune In 2 Life and our power over money and keep doing good!

Let us know what you think. How do you use money for good? Please leave us your answers below in the comments or on our Facebook page. Thank you.

Keep Tuned In,

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