Gratitude For “No Matter What”

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

As we are taking about gratitude this month I thought I would share, with you, one of the books I am grateful for. This book is Lisa Nichols book No Matter What!: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love. We all need help Tuning In 2 our lives, dreams, and passions every once in a while and I am very grateful that I have Nichols’ book in my mental tool box.

Nichols organizes her book by weaving her personal challenges/experiences and triumphs with helpful tools to recognizes, overcome/rise above, and conquer problems. She intertwines the mind with the body by using her concept of nine emotional muscles: the “Understanding Muscle,” the “Faith-in-Myself Muscle,” the Take-Action Muscle,” the “I-Know-Like-I-Know Muscle,” the “Honesty Muscle,” the “Say-Yes Muscle,” the “Determination Muscle,” the “Forgiveness Muscle,” and the “Highest Choice Muscle.” Nichols explains each “Muscle” and how to develop them in their chapters.

Lisa offers exercises to help the reader develop their emotional muscles, allow her readers to help their selves. By the end of the book you should feel like you have had an emotional workout. But the results, at least for me, were instant and worthwhile.

She drives home the importance of living from a focused state of mind rooting in determination – “No Matter What.”  By keeping our focus on the goal, instead of the hurdles that need to be jumped, or the distractions that can steer us off course, Nichols reminds us that we too can reach our dreams “No Matter What.”

Nichols helped me Tune In 2 my Life and I found her chapter on forgiveness the most helpful conversation about forgiveness I have ever read. I was surprised by how many of the same experiences I shared with her and how we handled them differently.

I am very grateful for Lisa Nichols, her book, and for her willingness to open up and share so much of her life with me as an anonymous reader of her book.

If you read her book
I am sure you will be grateful for her as well.

Maybe you already have read Nicoles’ book. What did you think about it?

What was your favorite part or the part you felt most helpful?

Thank you for reading.

Stay Tuned In 2 Life,

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