Gray Matter’s Lens

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

Another week has past, how have you done controlling your gray matter? Were you able to stop the negative chatter before it took control over your happiness?

We hope you were successful and better yet we hope that you found that the negative chatter was invalid. Many of the things we tell ourselves are invalid or so old that it really does not apply to who we are today. Did you notice?

One of the reasons for our old personal views is due to our perceptions. Lou Tice calls these mental perceptions or blocks “scotomas.” Stephen Covey refers to them as “paradigms,” as he talks about the importance of “paradigm shifts.” I call them perceptions or lens because it is how we see our lives and our worlds. Everything we see must pass through our minds first. As a result, we automatically warp or change what we see in order to make sense of it and how it applies to our lives personally. This means that everything you see externally is affected by your internal lens.

For example look at this picture:

What do you see?

Is it a drawing of a young woman?

Or is it a drawing of an older woman?

I will give you a hint, both answers are correct. Please give yourself time to see both women in the photo before you read on, it’s important.

Clue: If you have trouble try focusing on the young woman’s ear, or if you only see the old woman try to focus on the older woman’s eye that is facing you.  Did that help?

How did it make you feel the moment you saw the change?

It was a little jarring to me at first, to think that there was something right in front of me that I could not see. Also I was frustrated with myself that I could only see the young woman at first, but then I realized that frustration was really a motivator to try harder, rather than a reflection of my intelligence.

Maybe you have seen this picture before, and maybe you were able to see both women quickly. That is great if you did, but if you did not it is not the end of the world. It just means that, like me, you have some room to expand your perception so that you can gain a larger perspective of your life.

Tuning In 2 Your Life involves adjusting your lenses so that you can live a full life in your frequency. You can stay the way you are in your perfect state right now, or you can desire for a grander perspective of your life.

I think personal power and internal happiness depend on how we see ourselves and others, while at the same time I think how we see our world affects our internal happiness and our feelings of empowerment. That is why I think it is so vital for us to expand our gray matter’s perspective of who we are today and who we can be tomorrow. Because to live fully Tuned In 2 Life we need the widest wide angle lens our gray matter can use.


Which one did you see first? The older woman or the younger woman? Take our poll on Facebook:

Be unstoppable,

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