Be A Hero To A Hero

Calling All Heroes…This means you;

Everyone one needs a hero. Maybe not everyday but we all need a hero that will help us help ourselves or help us in times of extreme need. The same is true for heroes.

After all our everyday heroes are just people themselves. All politics aside, military service women & men, and the like tend to be considered heroes in US American society. Yet these people have times of need, and great need at that.

On Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, TV viewers were reminded that US veterans need their government and their fellow citizens. The show featured the Marshall Family founders the Jubilee house. Marshall is a veteran that could not turn her back on other female veterans that are homeless. So she opened her home up as the Jubilee house.

Through Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty & his group along with volunteers and stars such as Sabrina Soto and Rihanna, built a brand new home for the Marshall’s and their Jubilee house. (Click here to watch the Episode.)

However, the show really draws our attention to the fact that the needs for these heroes and others like them are great and that more of us need to step up and be a hero to a hero.

Jobs and homelessness are not the only problems these heroes face. That is why during the show First Lady Michelle Obama asked us all to step-up. The First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden have started the Joining Forces Initiative which would allow all of us to be a hero’s hero.

Many of you maybe upset that this post seems so political, to this we may say “We are human, and it is hard to live in a highly political society and not get political every once in awhile.” We promise our hearts are full of good not merely political intentions.

Others maybe wondering, what this post has to do with you getting tuned in 2 your life?

For the most part this month has been about heroism. We strongly believe we are all heroes. We also feel that humans tend to forget that we have the ability to be heroes to ourselves and others. We are hoping that this post and the preceding  posts have helped you get in tune with your inner hero.

Many of us across the globe are facing economic hardships, joblessness, uncertain futures, internal and external battles (in some cases wars). We need a hero!

As the song suggest “I Need A Hero,” You need a hero, We all need a hero. Conveniently we are all heroes. We just need to tune in to our lives and save ourselves and help others save themselves.

We not only live in difficult times we live in fascinating times. We can make or break our world and our life’s as we see fit.

Tune in 2 your life and be a hero,

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