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In our earlier post we challenged you to be your own hero. We believe in the airplane safety tip that you must put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you should attempt to help others. This is why our first challenge was to be your own hero. But heroism should reach beyond us.

Many people do not think of themselves as heroes. Because the first image of a hero that comes to mind is a superhero from comics. Or perhaps you have a more reality based image of a hero, like a first responder such as a firefighter racing out of burning house carrying someone to safety in their arms. First responders are always the first image that pops into my mind.

However, everyone can be a hero. Teachers are heroes. Parents are heroes. Librarians are heroes. Sport players are heroes. In fact heroes come in many shapes, sizes, skin tones, and genders. Heroes can be old and young. They can live in anywhere, the US, Africa, India, England…etc, you get the idea.

One of the best aspects of heroes is they are all unique with their own talents, ambitions, and motivations. Another great thing about heroes is we do not have to limit ourselves to one hero. They can be our parents and our children as well as everyone that has positively affected our lives.

I think of heroes as those that perform and inspire heroic acts. Heroic acts can range from tiny moments – when we simply take a moment for someone feel special & loved – to historical moments like the people that risked their lives on September 11, 2011 for others.

Today I discovered new heroes in this video:


For me the heroes are not just the NY Firefighters, but the children singing, the song writers of the song being sung, and Spike Lee for bring it all together.

They all inspired me to take action to be someone’s hero today. Therefore we are now challenging you to be someone’s hero today. You can choose the same line of action I have taken today to be a hero (a donation to FINCA), or choose your own. But please take action to be someone’s hero today.

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