How To Save Money Every Month

Financial Friday is HERE! This Week:  How to Save Money Every Month!

Are you searching for ways to start saving more money each and every month? I know it can be hard  sometimes to think about ways to save money every month.  Sometimes it just does not seem like there is an extra dollar to start your savings with.  But today I am going to share with you some simple tips that will help you “squeeze” some extra cash from your spending so you CAN start a savings account this month. Tuning In 2 your spending will help you Tune In 2 your saving! 

Don’t fear it will not be as hard as you think to start to “squeeze”. I have a collection of simple ways that you can find a few dollars each month and believe it or not, they will add up.   You can even start with just $1.00

Skeptical? Watch the numbers…. if you saved only $1.00 a day… every day…. you would have an extra $30 a month for a total of $365 saved up at the end of the year.   WOW!  THAT is some serious cash! What if you tried to save $2.00 a day…..  that is $720 a year!

See how a little bit of money just starts to add up when you continue to save?

But where you ask does that dollar (or two) come from?  You already have it! You just need to squeeze it out from your spending!   There are 3 easy ways to find money that you already have in your hand.

How To Save Money Every Month:

  • 1. Remove temptations (Avoid those coupon sites with the great deals  )
  • 2. Track you spending (On everyone in the house to really see where the $ is going. Write down your spending for a week or a month so you can really see where the $$ is going)
  • 3.  Plan Ahead (this is where you can really make a financial difference in your life. )

The third one, plan ahead, is the most powerful way to find extra money in your life. What do I mean?

Tuning In 2 your spending will help you Tune In 2 your saving! 

Meal Planning:    This is an area where a LOT of folks have some extra $$. When you look at your spending for the week,  check out the times you hit the drive through in the AM on your way to work. Add up the costs each time you go.  Now find out the costs of Planning for this meal. What if you bough a bag of bagels and some cream cheese at the store and brought one to work or school each day?  Could you save a dollar or two here? Now think about your lunch at work…. bring a sandwich from home a couple of days a week and see more cash start to grow….

Drink Planning: What about on soda? could you buy a 12 pack  for $2.99 and have it in your trunk and bring a couple in to work each day?  Each of these cans cost you .24 cents.  If you buy one can from the machine at work each afternoon, (and at my office they are $1.25 each) you are saving a dollar each day or more EZ!

ATM Planning: Another area that you can save a LOT is at the ATM… Plan ahead for times when you need cash…. don’t just use any ATM, but find out all the locations  for your financial institution. Use these ATM’s only.  ATM fees eat up a LOT of your savings, right??

We have just touched the very surface of the ways you can save a dollar or two a day and not really feel it.  Start by avoiding temptation on items that you may not really want,  write down and track where you are spending your money each day and finally PLAN ways to trim the spending.

For more great ideas, click to the page from a local Kansas City News channel:

These three ways will answer your question of How to Save Money Every Month!

What do you think? How will you save a dollar today? Leave a comment below or on Facebook! ~THANKS!!




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