Include Finance In Your Future Plans

This year, 2012 is exceptional, right? I mean you are setting yourself up for a fantastic year, making a lot of plans that you really want to experience ~ stuff that is really important to you and NOT to the advertising industry. You have included both short term and long term experiences that you are planning to achieve in the next few maybe 5 years, and maybe have created paths to get to have these experiences. Have you included some “experiences” that are about financial well being too??

Don’t forget to add some goals to your list that clearly focus on your personal finances. For example, about how much you would like to make a week/ month/ year or have saved up for a luxury vacation or addition to your home. What about the success of your small business, E Bay auctions or Etsy shop? These goals, though more financially focused, are still important experiences that you need to include in your short term and long term planning.

Start with the end in mind.

Yes, this advice was recently given to us, and we wanted to share it with you too. Can you visualize yourself when you are “there” when you have finally completed your goal or get to have the experience that you have always dreamed of? What are you wearing, what are you doing? Are you working from home or are your running across the finish line of a race in an exotic location? What about a vacation to Disney World with all your children and grandchildren?

Whatever your list of experiences may include, experts like Lou Tice, Toney Robbins and the like, all agree that that we must have a good clear picture of ourselves at the end of the goal and enjoying the fruits of our hard work.

Tune in 2 Your Finances

Without including important financial milestones, you will not have a ruler to measure your success. How will you know if you have “made it” yet, if you don’t have a specific number written down that shows you have arrived?

Financial goals combined with your other goals and planned experiences will result in your visualizing a more complete picture of your future. Now you will strengthen your visualization of your future in many ways. Once you have a good clear picture of where you want to be, you will become unstoppable in your pursuit of all of your desired experiences and goals.

What are some of your Financial Goals? Share them below or on Facebook~ Thanks!

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