Living Life to the Fullest: Live With Passion

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Here are the ten elements we think are ingredients to a fulfilled life:

  • Be true to yourself
  • Live with passion
  • Feel
  • Make yourself happy
  • Help others
  • Cry & laugh
  • Take risks
  • Learn
  • Make mistakes
  • Live

Last time on Tune In 2 Life we talked about living a fulfilled life by being true to yourself. Today’s post is about living with passion. Tony Robbins talks in great detail about living with passion. In fact I can hear him saying “…and live with passion,” just thinking about it now.

So why is passion so important? Passion is what gets us to change our mental states and our mode of operations. Passion is what stops us from complaining about what we see on the news to doing something like grabbing a picket sign and marching in front of the TV cameras.

I like to think of passion as the heart’s reflex or “knee jerk”. Think about the last time you took action. Wasn’t it because you felt passionate about something? When you took action how did you feel? Did you feel good about yourself and/or your actions? That is because at that moment you were tuned-in. Your heart and actions were on the same frequency.

If you are not convinced, try a different perspective. Think about a time that you felt really passionate about something and did not take action. How do you feel right now recalling the memory? Most of us, when we recall these moments, feel a twinge of regret. That is because we stifled our heart’s natural reflex. (Now don’t get all technical on me I know that a heart beat is really the heart’s natural reflex, but I am saving that for when we discuss “live.”)

Also, I should clarify that I am talking about taking actions for positive reasons. If you felt passionate to hurt someone and took action, chances are you would not feel so good about yourself.

Passion is what drives us, makes us thrive, and motivates us to do more.

This is why we say that you must live with passion in order to live a full life. If you stifle your heart you are not being true to yourself. If you are not true to yourself you are only living a half-life. We have already discussed why that is important last time.

Tune In 2 Your Passions

How do you live with passion? First you Tune In 2 your true self and discover what make you tic. What is it that gets you out of bed every day? What is it that puts a smile on your face and in your heart? Then inject these things into your day and you act on them. You act on them every chance you get.

Every night, when you are getting ready to sleep, state your gratitude for the time you had to act on your passions. Every morning visualize acting on your passions. Allow your passions to fill your heart until you are wound-up like a top and then you let yourself spin.

Now mind you unlike a top, don’t spin out of control. It is very important to remember what your goal was in the first place. Have you forgotten already? Your goal is to live a fulfilling life. You must keep your eyes on the goal otherwise you will become dizzy and lose focus.

In order not to lose focus make sure you reevaluate and stay tuned in 2 what your passions are. Chances are they will change many times in the course of creating your satisfying life. When your passions change let them go. Recognize that yesterday’s passions have served their purpose and because you tuned in 2 them you are where you are today, but they were only the means not the end.

Tune-in 2 life to your passion,


2 comments for “Living Life to the Fullest: Live With Passion

  1. janice K. Nez
    October 10, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    This was exactly what I needed today. When I am not feeling well, I forget to think positively or to be positive. When one “tunes in 2 life” then everything clicks which I must not forget for a moment, sick or well, life is a gift and it is about living every moment. Thank you.

    • admin
      October 11, 2011 at 6:52 am

      Hello Janice;
      We are happy to hear that our blog brought you a little comfort while you are sick. Positive thought is always hardest when we are sick but it also when we are sick we need it the most. We hope you get to feeling better soon.
      Stay Tuned-in,

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