Living Life to the Fullest: Be True to Yourself

Hello Everyone;

Living life to the fullest is a goal sought by most and is an ongoing mission stopped only by death. Beyond love, food, and shelter – we all want, require, and desire different things or at least look for different ways to obtain them. For example it is a pretty safe bet that we all want money, but we want to earn it by doing different things. As a result this month’s theme is not a “How to…in 30 days.” But we will honestly give tips that will guide you to make decisions for yourself that will allow you live fuller, happier, lives.

Here are ten elements we think are ingredients to a fulfilled life:

  • Be true to yourself
  • Live with passion
  • Feel
  • Make yourself happy
  • Help others
  • Cry & laugh
  • Take risks
  • Learn
  • Make mistakes
  • Live


Let’s start with being true to yourself. We think you have to be true to: who you are, your desires, your comfort zones (for the most part), your ambitions, etc. In other words, if you dislike working with sick people but became a doctor because everyone in your family was doctor, then you are not being true to yourself.  This analogy may be too simplistic. But the idea is there. If you live solely to make other people happy then you are not living to make you happy. How can you live life to the fullest if you are not part of the equation? You cannot.

Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet “To thine own self be true.” By not living true to yourself you are cheating yourself and everyone around you out of a very precious thing…You. The world does not need another any one person we need you. Sure you can emulate other people and still contribute but that is because you are imitating not duplicating. The world needs your perspective, your experiences, we all need you to be you so we can learn and evolve. We need you to be true to yourself.

Besides how can you possibly hope for a fulfilled life if you are living a half life? Yeah a half-life like from Harry Potter. It is not that I think you have been drinking Unicorn blood, but you are only living off other’s happiness which would be akin to JK Rowling’s Dementors who thrive on other’s despair.  The point is you are living off of someone else’s emotions not your own. That is not living my friend.

Tune in 2 Your True Self

Stop for a minute and think about what makes you happy. Let’s use the Harry Potter stories again. Do you remember what the root of the Patronus charm was that held off the Dementors? It was happiness. Think about the moments you were the happiest. What were you doing at the time? What other events, moments, or actions made you happy like that. Really do this. Keep doing this until you feel that same happiness. You can use these moments to tune into your true self.

Now, can you make a living (legally) from these activities? Can you make a hobby of these activities? Take a moment and imagine your life carrying out these activities every day. Do you feel fulfilled? If not search for other moments and repeat the same questions. This process might take you more time then you thought because you have been focusing on other people’s happiness too much. That is alright, Tuning in 2 Life is not about what you have done in the past as much as it is about Tuning in 2 Life so that you can have the future you want.

Once you can find something that makes you happy envision your life in detail and in color. How do you feel. Are you happy? Are you gitty? Are you motivated? If the answer is Yes. Good!

Now start putting a plan together that will allow you to start injecting these activities into your life. Notice I did not say to call your boss a quit your job today. I honestly do not know if that will help you achieve the main goal which is to live a fulfilled life.

By the way, is the negative chatter already trying to scare you out of this life? If negative chatter is starting to interrupt your envisioned dream life, don’t panic and quit. Instead realize that this just means you are on the right path. The negative chatter is trying to protect you from getting hurt. We will talk more about this when we discuss taking risks.

Tune in to your true self,