Living Life to the Fullest: Cry & Laugh

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We are just over half way through our live life fuller conversions, today’s topic of living fully by crying and laughing are related to the post we wrote about feeling. Yet emotions and feeling are important part of our human experience therefore we feel like we could say more about the specific importance of emotions by focusing on the binary emotions of crying and laughing.

The main reason that these emotions are so important is because they remind us that we are alive and do not live inside bubbles. As we talked about earlier we learn and grow from our emotions, but to feel is to live in general. Our human existence intermingles with our feelings and our experiences.

The clearest way we can think to explain the human experience is this:  to have life we must also have death. When death comes near us through the loss of life we cry. Yet, when a new live is born and comes into our lives – as parents, extended family, friends – we celebrate and laugh. Without experiencing these moments we would not have experienced life fully. Therefore experiencing sadness and happiness is living life fully.

Think about some of the great souls that have left this world – some early, some not so early – they experienced these two emotions. One example was eleven year-old Harry Mosley from the UK. Mosley recently lost his battle against a brain tumor; but before he left our world he raised money for brain cancer research and he raised the spirits of everyone that knew him. I am sure that in his short eleven years Mosley cried, but I am also sure he laughed and I am also sure that he lived as fully as he could with the challenges and the triumphs that he experienced in his short life. We did not have the pleasure of meeting Harry Mosley personally but we have had the experience of meeting souls like his, that did not let disease take life out of their spirit while they lived.

Tune In 2 Crying & Laughing

It seems pretty straight-forward doesn’t it. When you are sad cry, when you are happy laugh – allow yourself to feel and experience life. These emotions remind you that you are alive. By experiencing these emotions, and all of the emotions in between, you live fully.

Feel loss, feel success, feel disappointment, feel achievement. Feel, and let yourself feel without judgment.

Yes! You want to be happy so you can live fully and you should be striving to stay in a positive state of mind as often as you can. However, you cannot live fully in a lie either. When sadness darkens your door – feel it, experience it – but don’t let it stake a tent in your front yard.

Also don’t just be happy. Be ecstatic. Laugh! We are told that laughter is the best medicine, and we believe that is true. The wonderful spirits that we have known, fought their illness with laughter, and because of that they won.

Death comes to all that live let it find you with a smile on your face and in your heart. That is how you live a full life.

Tune In 2 your emotions,

2 comments for “Living Life to the Fullest: Cry & Laugh

  1. janice K. Nez
    October 25, 2011 at 5:21 am

    This rings true, when darkness does enter one’s life, embrace it then let it go, cast it away. We must experience dark before we see light. Someone told me once, the darkness is just the part of the tunnel that is a short distance before the bend comes, and you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Smile and mean it, laugh and feel it, cry and feel better. The joy of life is giving ourselves the permission to live this way we are ready to say goodbye when the time comes.

    • admin
      October 25, 2011 at 8:29 am

      Janice your words “permission to live,” are so powerful. We come into this world and existence but it takes some of us a lifetime before we give ourselves permission to live. That is tragic because a full belly laugh can be so much fun and bring so much happiness to ourselves and others.

      We have all had the experience of being near someone that started laughing really laughing. We naturally smile or start laughing ourselves, even if we don’t know why they are laughing. Emotions are contagiousness, I would much rather be passing laughter along than sadness.

      Thank you for reading,

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