Living Life to the Fullest: Make Mistakes

We are nearing the end of our list of ten elements of living a fulfilled life.

We have started a new month but we are carrying this theme into this month for two reasons. We were not done; and it is the perfect illustration that our search for a fulfilled life does not end with the changing of months, seasons, or any other passage other than death. Life is in a constant continuum and so is our vow for happiness and fulfillment.

This is a very important thought as we are talking about living fully through our mistakes. Our mistakes are not road blocks, broken bridges, or cliffs that separate us from fulfilled lives or from our dreams. Mistakes are opportunities. Yes opportunities to live a full life! All we have to do is Tune In 2 what they teach us, show us, and create for us.

Tune In 2 Mistakes

I know it seems like backwards advice but actually is it is progressive. Tuning In 2 your mistakes is a great way to live a full life. Think about it this way, if you called “something” a mistake then “it” must have produced an undesirable outcome. Therefore you have learned that “it” will not aid you in your pursuit for happiness or fulfillment. Ta-da you have already learned from the mistake, now you can move forward.

Mistakes are also illustrators or markers if you will. They help us see where we are heading allowing us to change our directions if we want to; and /or show us where and how to make improvements.

Mistakes also create new and improved opportunities for us. Here is an example. It is said that the glue on the back of sticky notes was an attempt to make the strongest glue in the world. Instead it turned out to be to be only tacky. Was this mistake a failure? Heck no! You might say it turned out to be the strongest glue after all because we are all pretty stuck on sticky notes. In fact, from this perspective it is hard to even consider the glue a mistake, right?

This is the same with our mistakes. If we look at them from another perspective, such as what can be learned from them, what they show us, and what they create for us, it is hard to see them as “mistakes” because clearly they are opportunities.

Don’t be ashamed of your “mistakes”, Tune In 2 them and turn them into positive actions that can create better and more positive actions. Tune In 2 your “mistakes” so that you can life a fulfilling life.

What “mistakes” have you learned from?

How have your “mistakes” helped you succeed?

Tune In 2 your “mistakes and Tune In 2 a fulfilling life,

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