Living Life to the Fullest: Take Risks

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We have been talking about ten elements we feel are the key ingredients to a fulfilling life:

Today’s topic is our favorite because we have been taking risks our whole lives yet we also play it safe and do not enjoy taking risks. In my youth I was a considered a “tomboy.” I would climb too high in trees, solve my youthful insomnia by riding my bike at 2 am (sorry Mom something you would rather not know your 9 year-old would do,) I would try things just to test the limits of their impossibilities. Then something happened, the security of youth slipped out from under my feet and I stopped taking so many risks. On some level this new behavior was life-saving but on other levels it was life-detrimental. In my attempt not to rock the boat more than I already had, I steered the boat to stiller/ quieter waters and my ambitions became stagnant. Being stagnant and living fully cannot be achieved at the same time. Can you identify with my experience? Have you done the same thing; have you been living to survive rather than to live?

In order to live fully we must take risks that take us out of our comfort zones. Of course this does not mean that we should jump out of airplanes without a parachute. But there are some things we can do that are life changing without killing ourselves. For example, maybe you are in love with someone but you have not told them because you are afraid of their rejection. Or maybe there is something you have always wanted to do or create but you are too afraid of the risks or the outcomes. If there is something that you have a constant desire to do and have not done it then now is the time. Take that risk, grab the bull by the horns, and seize the day. Know in your heart that you cannot fail because failure is inaction, not action.

Tune In 2 Risk Taking

Many of us have grown comfortably bored with the lives we are creating for ourselves. As writers, directors, actors and critics of our life’s plays we can control our happy endings. But some of these changes require us to take risks.

Reflection is the best way to Tune In 2 your desires. Think about what you really want. If you are not taking action on achieving these things, ask why not? Really look at what you are afraid of, what are the “risk factors” that are stopping you from moving forward?

For me there were many fears: alienation, disapproval, rejection, and embarrassment just to name a few. Yet one day I woke up and realized that these fears were stopping me from really living. It was time to take some risks and put it all on the line. I was glad that my “someday” became “yesterday.” Now I am looking forward in my present and my future; as well as taking the risks I needed to in order to take steps to change my life’s play.

You can too.  Now that you know and have evaluated the risk factors of taking action, examine the risk factors of not taking action. Which list is worse?  Keep in mind that inaction is failure & trying is succeeding. If you need motivation remember that your goal is to live fully and inaction is failing that goal. Whereas, by taking some risks and taking action you cannot fail because you have already succeeded in taking the first steps no matter how small they might seem.

Once you take action you will be motivated to take more risks and complete more actions. You cannot fail as long as you are true to yourself and do not give up on yourself and your goal.

The negative protective voices may start sending out warnings and fears but concentrate on how good you feel. Thank the voices for their protection but tell them you “deserve to live a full life and you are going for it.” Also, when you start to feel overwhelmed remember Ben Sweetland’s words that “Success is a journey, not a destination,” and then enjoy the journey.

Thank you for reading.

Tune in and take risks,


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