#luvgrams: Love & Words of Encouragement in Tweets

Hey Everyone;

#luvgrams Love & Words of Encouragement in Tweets is now for sale on Amazon


I have notice that it is our #luvgrams that really seem to inspire you. So I made an e-book full of them, 301 of them to be exact.

I started writing the #luvgram September 23 2011 and I have loved doing it.

I started it because it was #LoveNoteDay but also because I wanted to see more love in the world. Gandhi advised that we “be the change we want to see in the world” This is advice I take very seriously.

So here you go world here is some love, spread it widely 🙂


By the way this e-book will be free 10-28-12 All day!

No Kindle? No problem there’s an app for that 🙂


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