Negativity Coma

Hello Everyone;

A negativity coma is not a coma in which we are unresponsive and unconscious clinging to life. But rather when we let negative thoughts slip in and out of our unconsciousness that affects our able to live a full life.

Do you do this? I do this.

I let old tapes repeat other people’s negative opinions of me play over and over again or, even more appalling, I make them worse. Another thing I do is I envision bad things happening and then when they do I say silly things like “See I knew that would happen.” Well duha, of course it happened I literally asked it to happen.

Well enough is enough. I don’t want to reside inside my negative mind, inside a negative world, or in a negativity coma. I want to live. I want to live a life full of possibilities; I want to create my possibilities. I don’t want to implement the impracticalness of my dreams. I want validation from myself, from others, and from my dreams.

I need to wake-up to get out of my negativity coma. When those negative thoughts start playing I need to realize what is happening and that I am responding to them.

Awaking from a negativity coma

I have gotten better at noticing the negative and when I do, I stop myself by asking questions. For example I ask “why am telling myself this stuff.” Or I simply say “Stop it.”

After this happens I take back control of my thoughts by running through a list of all of the things I am grateful for, big and small. The ease of recalling all the things I am grateful for depends on how far my mind traveled on its dark journey. The faster I catch it the faster I can change my state of mind and awaken from my negativity coma.

You can too. If you suffer from negativity comas you can awaken yourself so that you too can live a life full of possibilities; as well as make your true dreams realities. If my techniques do not work for you don’t get discourage find your own path out of a negativity coma.

After all, our world is only as strong as we are, so we owe it to the world to be the strongest we can be.

Stay tuned in 2 your life,


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