Olympics: The Impossible Made Possible

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

So the 2012 Summer Olympics have passed and the Paralympic Games begins tomorrow. One of the reasons we chose to focus on the Olympic Games is because they teach us to believe the impossible… possible.

Through the Olympics we witness, first hand, new world records being set. We watch as human bodies, no matter what challenges they have faced in the past, being pushed to their full potential to reach a dream. We sit breathless and cheering as we watch human limitations dissolve.

What can be more empowering then reaching for the stars and holding them? Unless it is the knowledge of knowing that no matter who we are there are stars within our reach.
You do not need to be Michael Phelps to win a gold medal. You simply need to Tune In 2 your merit and you too can win the gold medal of your life.

We all have limitations. We all have something that could be a hurdle or a brick wall that reaches high in to the sky. Each one of those walls or hurdles have the potential to separate us from our real dreams and desires. Yet we are reminded by others that those challenges are not meant to block us they are meant to Tune In 2 our creativity and push us beyond our limitations.

For example, I love to write. I absolutely love to write poetry. I love to create a picture of life, emotion, and experience through words. Yet I am challenged by dyslexic tendencies, horrible spelling skills, and because of these hurdles I never felt like I could be a good enough “word smith” to be a writer or a good poet.

I let these limitations be the road block to my dreams for a long time. But my desire, or the pull, to write has never left me. I finally realized that these hurdles were there so that I could Tune In 2 my creativity and find my way around them.
So it takes me longer to write a post then other people. So I have to read and reread and sometime there are still mistakes. But my heart is engaged, my passion is full throttle, and I am Tuned In 2 me. My gold is that at the end of the day readers are saying “Wow that poem really got to me.” That is my gold metal.
Today I hold my stars in my hand as I try to encourage you to reach for your own stars, so that we can all be the gold medal winners in our life.
Now, get out there and think of ways that you can feel the weight of gold covering your heart, and BE the gold medal winner of your life.

Be unstoppable,

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