Parenthood & Heroism

Dads, Moms, and Guardians are heroes too!

Why this post because their children want us too. Well maybe not us exactly, but children need to have their world see their parents as heroes. When other people around them view their parents as heroes it legitimizes their own beliefs of their parents’ heroism.

Recently there was a story about a boy who asked for his dad’s photo to be shown along with other fallen soldiers’ photos.

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Children also want their parent-heroes to be remembered by others. As a featured part of the 9/11 memorial, the children of 9/11 victims read the names and shared their perceived heroism of their parents.

Both of these videos feature children honoring their parents in extreme circumstances. However, contrary to the way some parents may feel at times, parents do not have to die to be heroes in their children’s eyes. A parent can be their child’s hero by simply taking time to notice their children’s accomplishments, or spending some quality bonding time with their kid. Typically, children seek approval of their parents more than any other people in their lives. This is good news for parents, because being a hero in your child’s life can be just as easy as being a loving parent.

My parents were my heroes when I was a kid and they still are even though I am long into adulthood. My father taught me, all I know about tools and making repairs, to be self-sufficient, and to cherish life more. My mother taught me how sustain my life, to love, and that giving is receiving.

With lessons such as these how can my parents not be my heroes? I am sure that many of you, parents or not, can appreciate your parents’ every day heroism. Those of you that are parents only have to look at the positive aspects of your parents to reveal them as hero role models.

Our hope is that you take time out today or this weekend to let your closest heroes (whether they are your parents, grandparents, or guardians of any nature) know that they are your hero. If you are a parent it would be awesome if you could perform a simple heroic act for your child, like tell them you love them and are proud to have them as your child.

Tune-in 2 your inter-hero,


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