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Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

Have you incorporated more passionate words into your vocabulary concerning your desires and Desired Expectations?

I had to go to Arizona for a funeral and I needed a good book to read. I found a book titled Lead with LUV: A Different Way to Create Real Success by Blanchard, Ken, Colleen Barrett to read on the plane. I have not quite finished the book yet but right at the beginning Barrett and Blanchard start talking about a powerful word change. This made me think of the discussion we had last week about changing our vocabulary to include more passionate and passion driven words. So I have decided to share.

The book is centered on Southwest Airlines business model that is rooted in what they call “Servant Leadership.” I could talk about why I think this title needs a word change, but right now I would rather talk about the word change they talked about right out of the gate.

Barrett explains that Southwest does not use hierarchically focused titles such as “manager.” Instead they use the label “leader.” I agree with Barrett and Southwest leader is a better word choice.

I feel that “leader” is a more powerful and passionate word than manager. Also I agree with them that we all have the potential of being leaders. We have something to offer the world that is “us” and we can all be leaders and make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Your job to be the best __(Your name here)___,   that you can be. You contribute to life and the life of others by being you. It is a great responsibility, but it is one we all have.

This is one of the largest reasons we started our Tune In 2 Life project. Kristin and I know we need you. We know we need you to be at the top of your game. We know that if you are not Tuned In 2 Life we miss out on the full potential of You. Beyond us, Kristin and I know that society misses out, and by that measure, the world misses out. You and your life matters!

This is true for everyone that lives. We need to be the best we can, so that we can leave the world something great when we are no longer here.

Take a moment and think about all of your mentors and people that have made a positive impact on your life. Are they all still living? Or is it their passions, joys, wisdoms, etc – instilled in you – that live on. Do or did you think of these people as leaders? If not do you see them in this context as leaders?

I hope you do, even if it was leadership on a small scale, they are/were leaders.

The reason why this post is late is because I was at a funeral and spending time with family I decided that I needed to just live in the moment for…a moment but today I want to share. I lost a cousin last week and she was a great leader. She taught from the heart to lead from the heart. She lived with extreme pain but she also lived and practiced extreme love.

She was and is a leader to me as well as others. Some ways she led were by sharing her love, her passion, and her spirit with everyone she came in contact with. I am sure there were times when she hurt too bad to try, I am sure there were times she was scared, but she lived, and through living she shared.

Although I have and have had many leaders in my life I am dedicating this post to Judy, because she is a true example of how everyone has the potential to be a leader.

Who are your leaders? How have they led? How do you lead? Please answer these questions here or on our Facebook page.

Change you vocabulary so that it empowers you and honor your leaders by leading.

Thank you for reading!

Your Midweek Motivational video features a leader and a man that understands the power of vocabulary changes.

Stay Tuned In 2 Life,

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