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Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

As Valentine’s Day is this month we thought it would be great to talk about Tuning In 2 Life by Tuning In 2 your passions.

Passions are what really drives us to try, to take risks, and throw caution to the wind. They are the strong emotions that get us off of in front of the television, to the front lines of a protest. Passions are what cause us to give our hard earned money away when we hear of someone’s hardship. Passions can be our best allies in making positive change in our lives.

This was one of the reasons that last month we challenged you to change your New Year’s Goals to your Desired Experiences. We wanted you to inject some passion into your New Year’s Resolutions instead of just building them around shoulds. I don’t know about you but “shoulds” have never inspired a lot passion for me!

We wanted you to figure out what you really wanted hoping that passion would be an automatic element to drive you into action.

But we also want you to think about the words you use. Words are powerless without the meanings we attach to them. So it is important to know the meanings that you attach to words so that you can add more passionate words into your vocabulary.

For example, my reaction and first thoughts to the word “goal” are “unachievable and leads to failure.” Not a positive or productive response but you could say my meanings are full of passion. However, negativity and inaction are not the outcomes I desire. So I chose to use a different word, one that causes more of positive passionate response. That is way I recommend using “Experiences” in place of “Goals.”

However, we all have different attachments to different words so you have to find your own. Take a moment think about the words you use. Do they inspire you? Now think about words that do inspire you, are they incorporated into your daily vocabulary? Think of ways that you can change the words you use for things you want and subtract the non-inspiring words with inspiring words.

To help you get going with this exercise Danielle LaPorte has a list using words and emotions that connect her passions with her desires. Check it out here. Then make a list of your own using your Desired Experience list you made last month.

Have fun with this, because there is passion in fun or fun in passion either way you win. Then join us here next Tuesday as we continue the conversation.


What are some of the words that inspire you? What are some new words you will be adding to you vocabulary? What did you think of Danielle LaPorte’s list?

Please answer one or all of these question here in comments, or get the conversion going on our Facebook page. Thank you!

Thank you and…

Stay Tuned In 2 Life,

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