Positive Self Talk

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

A new month brings in a new topic of discussion. After spending May talking about the importance of play, we started thinking about how much of our individual lives are really lived in the gray matter between our ears.

It seems that although we live in a physical world full of tangible things that can be seen, heard, touched, smelled – anything that we experience through our senses – is only made real through our perception. Maybe this is not always true but it is true more often than not. In this line of thinking most of our realities are very intangible.

This made us start to think about “self talk” and what we tell ourselves. If most of our reality is created by our internal message boards, then we have more control over our lives then many of us assume.

But before I get all metaphysical on you let’s look at happiness.  What is happiness? Who defines happiness? How do we achieve happiness?

Many of us think that our personal happiness is beyond our ability to control; yet we are all searching for it. Many of us might think that happiness is made up of external experiences. Yet we can change our emotions when we want to. So what is the reality?

We think that Shawn Achor and others like him are on the right path for understanding, the elusive, happiness.

In his video Shawn talks about the roots of happiness.

The key elements to us are:

  1. That happiness is a state of being not a state of achievement
  2. We are much more effective and able to learn in a happy state
  3. And we and live in a positive state in 21 days by doing these things:
  • Name 3 new things that you are grateful for
  • Keep a Journal
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • and comment random and conscious acts of kindness

I hope you enjoy the video and will watch it a couple of times through out the month as Shawn talks fast.

What is your opinion: How much of our reality do you think is internal?

Be unstoppable,

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