Kristin & Delaina

Kristin & Delaina

What is Tune In 2 Life all about?

As children Kristin and I were not that different but we went about things in completely different ways. Kristin would climb on her bike and go to the library where she would lose herself in stories and adventures of others. I would climb trees, ride my bike, and lose myself in a world I would imagine staring me as a completely different person than who I was. The common thread we shared was that neither one of us felt that we were enough just as we were. We kept trying to find ourselves by loosing ourselves in others.

As we grew up we both realized that our day dreams of being different people were rooted in something much deeper than our young minds could comprehend, when we figured out that we were gay. Though we both Tuned In 2 our sexuality at much different times in our life, me at nine and Kristin at thirty; we both grew up feeling lost as to our worth, our place in the world, and what we could possible offer a society that clearly had no place for us. We thought that we had little to offer the world as we did not fit into societies blue print of what we, as women, were to be, or to give to society. Yet there was still desire to be the people we dreamt of becoming.

As a result of not having a clear example what we had to offer, both Kristin and I battled with depression, low self-esteem, and felt a total lack of control of our lives. We met in the mid-nineties and were still floundering to be the people we expected of ourselves, yet we fell in love with each other.

As we have grown, matured, and evolved as people we have been very fortunate to discover that our childhood abilities to dream and learn were the very things we needed to adapt to our world. My undying ability to dream and Kristin’s thirst for reading kept us searching for our “ahha” moment that would change our lives forever. It took us many years, books, and watching videos like The Secret over and over for us to realize, every single person born is important, has value and contributes to this world, and that includes everyone!

It does not matter who we are, where we came from, what we look like, what our economic status, what our problems are, who we sleep with, what our gender is, or any other label society assigns us, we all have worth, gifts, and something that only we can bring into the world through our existence.

Kristin and I know firsthand what it is like to face adversities and keep striving for an unseen paradise. Together we have met lots of different people that are faced with and approach their own problems in their own way. We have seen people who get out of bed to make a life for themselves when others would have given up.

Do we have all of the answers? No of course not. We are still learning, growing, and mastering our lives and will be until our last breath. But we know what helped us when there was nothing but dark clouds in our vision. We also know that life is far too precious of a gift to waste it to suicide, self-loathing, or fear.

We have found ways to Tune In 2 our lives, our importance, and our unstoppable souls. Sharing this information is what Tune In 2 Life is about; so that others that feel they do not have control of their lives, or who lack in self-confidence, or who battle depression can get Tuned In 2 their Life through their importance. So we invite you to follow along and learn and grow with us.

Life is important and so are you! We truly hope that you see your own value and power.

Thank you for taking this journey with us,

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