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Midweek Motivation


Hello Tune In 2 Lifers; It is already that day of the week were we share an inspirational/ motivational video with you. We hope if gives you a chuckle every now & then, and that you find the juice you…

Tuning In 2 Your Power


Hello Tune In 2 Lifers; How was your week? I hope it was fantastic and that you got out there to do or start something that reflects your power. If not don’t worry there is always today! Last week we…

Midweek Motivation


Hey Tune In 2 Lifers; It is that time of the week again to recharge your unstoppable self… The Power of You means playing your hardest… Be unstoppable,

Tuning In 2 Change


Hello Tune in 2 Lifers; I hope all of you have had a fantastic week! There is so much that life has to offer, Kristin & I truly hope that you have been able to make the most of your…

Passionate & Powerful Words


Hello Tune In 2 Lifers; As Valentine’s Day is this month we thought it would be great to talk about Tuning In 2 Life by Tuning In 2 your passions. Passions are what really drives us to try, to take…

A Year’s Launch Pad


Hello Tune to Lifers; It is the last two days of January how are you feeling about your planned experiences? We have tried to set you up with a few Tuning In 2 Life tools. Just in case you have…

Year Mapping: Game On!


Hello Tune In 2 Lifers; [important]HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! I understand that kindness is the key for this new year! Be kind! Read more here. [/important] How have you done with your Year Mapping project so far? We (honestly Delaina’a brother),…

Experiences and Year Mapping


Hello Tune In 2 Lifers; We hope your weekend was fantastic. We started this month talking about making a list of desired experiences rather than make resolutions. Then we skipped right into talking about failures. There was reasoning behind our…