The Power of One…

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

In the Northern Hemisphere spring brings the world back to life. Because of this April is seen as a month of rebirth, of a clean slate, and to to draws attention to the power of one.

If we take a moment and think about nature and our lives and how all living things are dependent on each other, then we realize the magnitude of what each living thing offers the world. This is what I mean by the power of one. Every living thing has worth, offers something, and is needed for our existence.

I think we forget this from time to time. We live busy lives and our modern conveniences allow us to separate ourselves from nature. We (humans) forget that we are all part of a system that is much larger than the individual; yet each individual is need to complete our experience of life. So we chose to talk about the power of one this month.

The video below is an inspiring story about the power of one. We hope you enjoy it:


It only took one little girl to create this story of human spirit and interaction to create this fantastic story of honesty, pride, and empowerment.

What do you think? Did you like the video? Does it help to think of paying it forward, so to speak, as the power of one?

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Be unstoppable,

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