Tuning In 2 Change

Hello Tune in 2 Lifers;

I hope all of you have had a fantastic week! There is so much that life has to offer, Kristin & I truly hope that you have been able to make the most of your time. We hope you are achieving and experiencing all of your “Desired Experiences” through “Passionate Action”. We also hope that you are shedding yourself from the fear of change.

Tuning In 2 change can be challenging because not all changes are desired or purposely sought.

We know how scary change can be. It takes the brave part of our spirits to move past our old skin in exchange for our new desired ones. Yet I think that is how we evolve on the outside, by letting our soul grow on the inside. Changes come in and out of our lives but our spirits or souls keep us rooted in our light.

One of the most important changes, or shift of sorts, we can make is a mental evolution; that allows us to face changes no matter how horrific and not let the change destroy our spirit.

We, like any living organism on this planet, can and will evolve. By fearing change we fear life so it is vital that we Tune In 2 change.

We must embrace our soul’s desire to become more than we are today and embrace change, even the changes we do not feel we have control over.

We only need to Tune In 2 who we really are at our core, so that we can create the changes we need to life full and happy lives.

Joseph Campbell once said “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Isn’t that great! We must stay flexible to change and changes that come in and out of our lives so that we won’t damper the potentials that change brings into our lives. This way we won’t cheat ourselves out of a life that is beyond our current measure.

The key here is to attract what you really want. Remember, we attract what we send out into the world. So if there are some things you do not want in your life don’t send it out into the world. If you find that you are sending undesirable emotions out into the world then make changes now so that you send only the emotion you want back; the emotions that are true to your soul.

By sending into the world what you desire in return, using “Passionate Action” to obtain your “Desired Experiences” you can let go of the old and live the new. You can live a Tuned In Life!

You have so much to offer by simply being You. There is no other You, and we are grateful that you exist. We simply want You to be you for You.

Be Unstoppable,

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