Tuning In 2 Empowerment

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

How did you empower yourself? Did you start a project that you have been putting off? Did you spend time with friends that make you feel good about you? What did you do to make you the best you, you could this week?

One vital realization that Kristin and I have had in life is that empowering you means reaching outside of yourself. In fact, reaching outside of ourselves is just part of the journey of empowerment. After all how can you be the best you – you can be- if your only concern is you?

If you think about want you want, really want, out of life you can see that by you having those things helps someone else. Right? Let’s take a moment and talk it through for a minute.

You want more money in your life right, who doesn’t, but why do you want more money?  Is it only to buy yourself things? Chances are pretty high that even though there are material things that you want, that you would get pretty bored with money it if only use was to buy things for yourself. Right?

Eventually you want money so that you have the power to help people: like family members, friends, causes you believe in, and on and on.

After all, Tuning In 2 Your Life means Tuning In 2 Life in general. Money is power, and if we are all Tuned In 2 our power and Tuned In 2 our money, then we truly are Tuned In 2 our ability to empower.

But before we get carried away, remember that you are what you bring into this world and what the world really needs is you. You uncorked, you empowered, you. Because it is you, being you, that empowers the world.

So once you have Tuned In 2 what empowers you, you can share your passion with others by volunteering. If your passion it to help trouble teens because that was your path, then find a local non-profit that works with teens that are struggling to find their empowerment. If your passion is reading, join some community reading initiative. If your passion is food, help in food pantries, or deliver meals to people through a non-profit. Can’t find one that fits…. Maybe it is time to start your own?

There are plenty of people out there that need you, your perspective, and your passion. Reach outside of yourself and give it to them openly.

Your gift of your time will not just benefit the people you help, and eventually the society you live in, it will also help you become even more empowered. By stepping outside of yourself you change your perspective, and anytime you do that you see your own life differently (and that is a good thing).

I’ll be honest my childhood was not bad. I had/have parents that love me, but I did not grow up feeling empowered. Maybe that is because my parents did not feel empowered themselves. But I do feel empowered now and that is what I want to share with you. I want everyone to feel the freeness and strength of empowerment.

If we don’t get Tuned in 2 what really makes us feel empowered, then we are not living any more than a Zombie lifestyle. We are just the walking dead sucking the life out of others. There is nothing empowering about that for anyone.

I chose to empower myself so that I could empower others. You too, can empower yourself so that you can empower others on your own terms and in your own way.

So, if you like, feel free to share your thoughts, interests or ways that you are sharing your talents with your community around the globe.

Be unstoppable,

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