Tuning In 2 Your Power

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

How was your week? I hope it was fantastic and that you got out there to do or start something that reflects your power. If not don’t worry there is always today!

Last week we left off the discussion talking about our expectations for our footprints and their meaning. It seems to me that there are those of us that come into this world and know exactly what pair of shoes they want to wear.

I was not one of those people. I saw so many paths I could take; I was confused as to which pair of shoes would serve me better. If you are or were, one of those people than this post is for you.

As a little girl I saw two paths for myself. One path was to stay in the church I knew, that my family had belonged to for generations, become a wife, and a mom. Another path was to follow my heart, disconnect from church, and be true to the fact that I am a lesbian with no desire to marry a man, or have children.

The problem was both of these paths contained foggy patches hiding dangerous cliffs; as well as being full of thorny brambles that would rip and tear at skin and heart. When I turned eighteen I knew I could no longer live a lie. I knew a path that was not meant for me to walk would never be worth the journey. But without my usual compasses, the church and examples, the path I walked was not only full of bramble but of darkness due to all of the unknowns.

The other problem was, this path was only one part of who I was meant to be. It was not necessarily my power. But I was so distracted by the fog, cliffs, and thorny brambles that I did not think about the future. What was my power? After I made it through this forest of self-discovery what did I want to be? What did I want to do with this life I had worked so hard to achieve?

The answer I discovered was in my footprints and the markers I left throughout my forest of self-discovery. So what is my power?

It was being me.

Every wrong and right turn, every time I slid down a hill or climbed to the top of a summit, every step I took in the direction I was heading was my power. Am I perfect? heck no! Am I the best Delaina Miller I can be? Yes for today but there is always room to improve for tomorrow’s journey.

I believe it is the same for you. When you look at your footprints that led you up to the very place you are now, you can see what really matters to you. It is in your actions. If you don’t like where you are standing or how you got there then you need to realize this is just room for improvement, and not failure. Your power is being you. Being you is your power. Your real goal in life should always be to empower you.

So what will your first new steps be to empower yourself?

Be unstoppable,

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