Veterans Day & Gratitude

Hello Everyone;

What an awesome day 11/11/11. It is a day heavy with intrigue and mystery but it is also Veterans Day. What a great way to kick off a full on discussion of gratitude.

Many of us are not Pro-War but we place a lot of value in our Veterans and our troops. Are we hypocrites? No! We simply recognize that behind a war there are human beings that are willing to sacrifice their lives for a cause that is bigger than any individual.

Personally I am Pro-Peace, but I am also Pro-human so I am very grateful for our Veterans and current troops that did, or were and are willing to, die to protect my rights.

Their sacrifices require(d) them to leave their families, friends, and sometimes children at home. We have witnessed many tearful goodbyes at airports as our Service Men and Women say so-long to their families with hearts full of hope and faith; as well as fears that this physical goodbye is all they will be given.

Many of our Veterans and Service Men and Women come home suspicious of our civilian attitudes towards them. Personally we hope they are showered with gratitude.

Today Kristin and I will be especially grateful for our rights, freedoms, and our abilities to do good in the world because of the work Veterans and current Service Members have carried and continue to carry out.

It is our plea that whether you are for war as a way to solve the problems of the world or not, that you, at least today, separate your views on war from the people that fight them and show Veterans and Service Men and Women love and respect. We will be.

So in this spirit…Thank you Veterans and current Service Members! Thank you!

Tuning In

A fun way you can Tune In 2 your gratitude for your Veterans, Service Men & Women, and our country is by going to Amazon (dot) com and downloading their free MP3 album Veterans Day Honor.

Go ahead get your pride on.

Then show the world what it means to be a US citizen put your words, values, and principles into action and do some good in the world. Thank you!

We will continue to talk about gratitude and the significance it plays in our lives next week.

Until next time, Stay Tuned-in 2 Life,

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