Year Mapping: Game On!

Hello Tune In 2 Lifers;

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How have you done with your Year Mapping project so far?

We (honestly Delaina’a brother), made a year mapping tool just for you to help you stay Tune In 2 your desired experiences. The year mapping tool includes four pages.

The first page is, the year on one page. This will allow you to have the whole year visible. This is meant to help you map out your larger goals for the year. Our suggestion would be to use this page for broader ideas and desired experiences and after you fill in 2012 on the fourth page.

The second page, is the year broken into months with weeks as cells. This page is meant to help you get more specific about what you want and when you want to accomplish it by. I would recommend that if you have planned disruptions that you add them to this page as well so that you won’t over commit yourself.

The third page, is a timeline version of the second page. Just as the second page allows you to get more specific so does this page. Yet it offers you a more visual outlook of your plans and allows for you to extend larger projects from one month to the next. For this page we would recommend using colors, by ether changing the cell background or text, so that you can see the goal more clearly.

The forth page, is a place for you to create and list your desired experiences for five years including 2012. We recommend starting with 2012 thinking about your desired experiences in the broadest terms possible before you continue with the earlier pages/sheets. Afterward, when you have filled out the other sheets, your mind should be in a state of forward thinking. This is the prime state for you to be thinking about your future. Use this momentum to create and dream about the next four years. Think about where you want to be by that year and what do you want to be by that year.

Two important tips to stay Tuned In 2 Life and your desired experiences is to know how to use your “whys” and how to not worry about the “how” too much.

The “whys” are your passions. Passions/whys are what drive you to keep going when you get discouraged. When you get overwhelmed or discouraged reflect on you whys on your passions. Using your whys you can stay motivated; but more importantly, your whys will help you stay Tuned In 2 your desires. Many times we think we know want but we change our minds along the way. By staying Tuned In 2 your whys helps you recognize if your desired outcome has changed or not. Allow yourself to change your course of action and desires. But be mindful that you are listening to your desires not your fears.

In the movie The Secret, Joe Vitale states that “the “how” are the domain of the universe.” I agree with him. But…I think, too many times we think “it (the magical it) will just happen. I can just dream and plan away and it will just become so.” I don’t think that is what Joe is saying. He is saying we might not know how it will happen; but as we work towards our goals and desires an idea/plan/something/someone will come to us that will enable us to make that dream a reality. See the difference. So when I say don’t worry too much about the “how” I am saying you might not know how you are going to fulfill your desired experience when you fill out your year mapping sheets. But, I honestly believe that as you work towards fulfilling your desires, the key/s will come that will make them a reality.


This tool was created on excel and saved as an open document. However, if you have any problems opening the document please let us know and we will make an PDF version available thank you.

  • Was this year mapping plan helpful? Would you like us to make you other tools like this and if so what would they be?
  • What is your opinion about the “how” being the domain of the Universe?

Please answer here in comments or on our Facebook page. Thank you for reading and participating in the discussions.

Stay Tuned In 2 Life,

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